Bless up!

Doctor Beverley at your service. While I am not a medical doctor and cannot provide medical services, I am a conjure doctor and rootworker and I'm happy to assist you in all your spiritual, magical, and practical endeavors.

Having a lifelong background in both Christian and Druid traditions, I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer. In the Druid tradition, prayer is interpreted as "intention" - a mindful declaration of your goals. The human mind is immensely powerful with untold, untapped resources. Most of us have yet to unlock our full potential. I believe that our "intent" is the first key in achieving our goals. When our goals are clearly identified and carefully prioritized and the power of our intention is applied, the magic of the herbs can more easily assist the efforts. With our clear goals identified and our intentions applied, the rootwork (the plant energies) can more easily manifest the desired results.

As a practicing yogi of over 20 years, I continue to marvel at the intricacies of the Mind-Body connection. Yoga practice emphasizes the importance of living in the present, of listening to your heart, of honoring your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses. Yoga honors our bodies - exactly where we are on any given day - and encourages self-love amid quiet mental and body awareness. Yoga emphasizes the universal truth that we must bring our physical, mental, and spiritual beings into balance.

In the moving meditation of yoga, I listen to my body, and I listen to that still, small voice within me that tells me everything I need to know. If I listen closely enough, my body (through the power of my mind) will tell me what I need. I believe rootwork is a natural self-care companion to my yoga practice. The Mind-Body-Spirit connection is essential for good health and rootwork is a perfect tool towards that accomplishing that goal.

I have a passion for equality and justice. I lament the nature of our criminal justice system and have a strong calling to reach out to those who have been abused, neglected, and/or thrown away by the System. The need in our prisons must be addressed and I'm currently researching yoga teacher credentials so that I can share the blessings of yoga, meditation, and rootwork with incarcerated women.

I'm an ordained minister and am certified to perform weddings in the state of California. I will work with you to design the wedding service of your dreams. I specialize in African American-themed celebrations. I'm available to preside over same-gender weddings and partnerships. I also facilitate baby blessings and Naming rituals.

I look forward to being of service.     Email address: